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Principles Of Science of Mind

1. Change your thinking, change your life.

2. Principle is not bound by precedent. (the past has no influence over the present)

3. As we give love, we attract love.

4. With the power of love, live a life of choice and harmony.

5. All of life is the outpicturing of consciousness.

6. God is my Source. There are no limitations.

7. We are totally responsible for our life experience.

8. We can only change our own consciousness.

9. It is done unto us as we believe.

10. All that God is, I am.

11. Choice is our eternal birthright.

12. Forgiveness opens the way to a life of choice.

13. Forgiveness removes blocks to love.

14. Love yourself where you are at the moment.

15. Life is evolutionary.

16. Perfect emotional health is the natural state of all humanity.

17. Pain and suffering get our attention to seek what needs to be healed at the mental level.

18. Life is a process of enfoldment and journey. There is no fear or doubt that love and faith cannot resolve.

19. It is the nature of God to seek ever greater self-expression.

Thanks to Awakened Heart Spiritual Center, Hockessin, DE