Awakening You to Your Spiritual Power!  



This self-assessment will give you an indication of how much you honor and care for your Greater Self.

Spirituality is different from religion. Spirituality is one's experience of self as essentially spirit, as a spiritual being with a body. In contrast, religion is institution developed to assist people in experiencing spirituality. Many people experience spirituality and religion together, and many do not.

Click the number which comes closest to representing how true each of the following statements are for you right now. Then, score yourself, using the key at the bottom of the page.

1. Not true for me.
2. Rarely.
3. Sometimes.
4. Often.
5. Usually.

Be generous with yourself in completing this questionnaire. Practice the principle of gratefulness for yourself and your place in life.

1. I practice self-care.
I eat well, sleep well, exercise, stretch and play regularly. I avoid addictive substances and activities such as recreational drugs, and gambling.

2. I tell the truth to myself and others.
I continually become more skillful in knowing and telling my truth. I also know that my ability to know and speak my truth expands as I learn and develop. I experience freedom to be more of myself as I tell the truth.

3. I practice mindfulness.
I have a daily practice of mindfulness, meditation, or prayer. This practice is becoming continual throughout my day. Wisdom and spiritual guidance comes to me in my mindful receptivity. My inner wisdom leads me on a path toward increasing lightness, expansiveness, and joy.

4. I allow myself to experience the emotional pain of the human condition. Rather than avoiding, denying, or medicating, I allow myself to feel all of my feelings. I use my emotional reactions to inform me of where I am out of alignment with Source Energy. I practice finding a better feeling thought to bring myself back in alignment.

5. I am open to learning.
I am open to learning about spiritual traditions that are unfamiliar. I am losing interest in making judgments, and gaining zest for my experience of childlike curiosity. I see all of my experiences in life as opportunities to learn.

6. I experience oneness, rather than separation.
I am part of the tapestry of human society on this planet and share a kinship with all peoples. I see myself part of the fabric of all beings and respect other beings. I may experience aloneness but not loneliness.

7. I generously share my abundance of time, talent, and money.
I am a contributor and a resource for others because I value and enjoy my contributing. I find that giving seems to increase my abundance rather than depleting it.

8. I am grateful.
Even when I experience pain, I seek and find meaning and substance, so that I am grateful. I give thanks each day.

9. I participate in spiritual community on an ongoing basis.
This participation may be some form of religious organization or not. It may be simply a group of people who relate in a spiritual way by practicing loving behaviors.

10. I chop wood and carry water.
I enjoy what I do, even the simple things that I do. I don't exert much effort at managing my time, or trying to squeeze activities and accomplishments into my day. Rather I try to squeeze maximum enjoyment from even the simple things.

11. I listen to my Inner Guidance.
I know intuition and impulses are the movement of Spirit within me and I listen with my heart.

12. I practice Namaste.
I see the god in all Beings reflects the god in me I respect and honor all life.

13. I read spiritual books and articles.
My spiritual growth is important to me and I grow by staying connected with spiritual energy on a daily basis.

14. My history is not my destiny.
I am continually finding new ways to shed my cultural conditioning. I experience my true Self as inherently spiritual. I seek to develop all of my attributes and use them in the appropriate time and place.

15. I have fun.
I treat myself well on a regular basis and I follow my bliss.

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Copyright 1996, by Marty Crouch, Coach. Revised 2007, by Lorna Levy.