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Manifesting Minutes by Phone

ATTENTION: All Law of Attraction Users and Spiritual Seekers

Who else wants daily encouragement?

"Manifesting Minute"
2-Minute Empowerment and Encouragement Messages Directly to Your Phone!

Law of Attraction Not Working for You?

Date: Tuesday, 6:34 p.m.
From: Lorna Levy,

For most of us, law of attraction isn’t a one-time process. It is something we need to frequently remind ourselves of. It is not a destination; it is a way of thinking – of approaching life. We don’t ‘get there’ and then stop. We practice raising our vibe and keeping our focus . . . and we bring ourselves back to that again and again when life knocks us off track.

How easy is this?

Up until now, it has been fairly difficult to stay on track. There was nothing to remind you and there wasn’t much encouragement to be found. The one question my coaching clients ask me most frequently is, “How can I be more consistent in using law of attraction?”

Here is the solution!

Law of attraction messages sent to your phone to remind and encourage you. Messages of law of attraction tips and techniques, inspiration, motivation and encouragement to inspire and uplift you, sent directly to your phone 3 days a week. Only 1 to 2 minutes in length, they won’t interrupt your day, but just give a little boost to your spirit. Sort of like vitamins for your soul.

Launching March 1st, 2009 at only $9.97 per month

Benefits to You:
1. Frequent encouragement keeps you on track to manifest your goals
2. Messages come directly to your voice mail; you don’t have to remember to go to a website or make a call
3. Easily affordable
4. You can save the most inspirational messages to listen to again and again
5. You will be much more focused
6. Your inspiration levels will soar
7. Accomplish your goals much more quickly
8. Only 33 cents per day at $9.97 a month
9. Your vibe stays consistently raised
10. Experience instant results in your life

Imagine how exciting it would be to receive a 1 to 2 minute message of encouragement and upliftment 3 times a week. Do you think your life would change if you could focus more positively?

Sign up now as a Charter Subscriber at the special pre-launch rate of $9.97 and your subscription fee will never go up no matter how the price may increase.

Join now and you won't be billed until March 1st, 2009 when we launch. Your membership then renews on the same date each month and will continue until you tell us to stop.

Unsubscribe easily at any time just by sending a message to us here: PUT EMAIL HERE

Is your future worth 33 cents a day?
Less than coffee or a donut!

Three days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so not to overwhelm you.

Messages Begin March 1st, 2009
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