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Success Stories

I liked the med school story the best. Probably because I felt a certain solidarity with Steve coming from a place of being homeless.
And the speed of his success, one month, was breathtaking (took me eight months)

Jen's many worlds theory tale was also very cool. I like the idea of bringing what you need from an alternate reality.

Fletch's story was funny and I loved the way his students challenged him....though he did cry to damn much.

I am surprised by how much I enjoyed Ashley's
negative story. It kind of went against the idea of
success stories but I can see why Lorna added it.
Ashley's telling of his story packed a powerful
punch and taught a very important lesson that
seems to often need to be told. Excellent.

Lorna's Restaurant story was nice. I love getting first via the Power so it was a nice read.

I thrilled to the Number One story as I'm fascinated with gambling and using mind stuff to put the odds in my favor. While it wasn't about money per se, it was a lottery to save her job and her winning
it was just way too cool.

Steve's experiences was a really nice read. It made me fondly think of when I was homeless. When I first determined to get my life in order using mind power, wealth came to me in forms other than money as well, until I shifted my focus and made clear that I actually WANTED money in my pocket.

How powerful is scripting was great since I am an strong advocate of writing to get what you want.

All in all I give the ebook and A+.
Kudos, Lorna!


I don't know where to start. I'll try to organize my thought in a logical fashion for you and everyone else to follow. First of all I read your e-book. Yes, I sat there and read the entire thing tonight in one straight shot, that's how captivating it was. I LOVE IT! It is so on point, and yes I'm biased because MY Lorna edited and compiled it, but still I think its fantastic and that anyone else would think the same.

Magic never fails when we don't fail to practice it.


A –

And as a result . . .

Niese wrote:

Because of Lorna sharing her great book of manifestations, I picked up and began to read Ask and It Is Given again with fresh eyes.......So of course we all know by now it teaches the Law of Attraction.....and here is one of my stories......

I drive my daughter to school each day, and on the way I notice all of the flowers in everyone's yard.......I decided to use LOA for purple flowers, not knowing how grandly this would manifest for me....I am trying not to cry as I type this cause I am so blown away at the SIMPLENESS of it all....Ok, so each day as I drive I notice and appreciate the purple flowers I come upon on my route. Just a smile or a nod or a 'how pretty', 'wow another purple flower'.... And each day I did this, more and more purple flowers showed up in yards or places that they were not the day before........Fast forward about two weeks to now, this morning I noticed that my daughter's school is surrounded by these tiny purple flowers speckled throughout the grass....I am grinning like a fool this morning just loving all the purple flowers that are EVERYWHERE I LOOK!!!! I get home this morning and take it up a notch, I decide that I like purple flowers so much that I don't even have to go out side and drive to see them.....I notice a tree on the side of my house now full of purple flowers, my computer has a purple flower hanging on it, my comforter has little purple flowers on it as well as my daughters comforter....Ok so you say well that's your house Niese, of course you will have purple flowers there......ha ha, I go to pick my daughter up from school today and go inside to register her for AP English testing and there is a potted plant at the curb, you guessed it purple flowers, I go into the administrators personal office to talk to her for a few moments and I look up, her wall calendar is a picture of a field of purple flowers and she has a beautiful lei of purple flowers hanging next to her desk.....Well, a few days back I decided if I could do this with purple flowers, I could do this with money....I just had to remember that LOA will be on my focus...even if my focus is on the lack of money....So I chose to focus on the wealth of abundance I am and let LOA due the rest....I have manifested money the past three days without struggle or strain...I just did what I did with the purple flowers, I appreciated, was grateful, and looked at having the money and it showed up.........TADA......

Thank you for all your help for sharing your manifesting stories.....they have helped me more than you could know......


Look!, another purple flower!