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Are you living life joyously and deliberately? Or are you living by default, just existing, without finding meaning or fulfillment in anything you do? This assessment will help you determine what is disturbing your inner peace.

Answer the following questions on a scale of 0 to 10, with 1 being “this is a problem to the extreme” and 10 being “not an issue for me”. Add each number and retain the total to discover your personal level of inner peace.


1. I sometimes hate getting up in the morning.

2. I spend too much time with people who bug me or who use me.

3. I spend too much time with people not in alignment with me.

4. I often soothe myself with caffeine, alcohol, TV or other drugs.

5. I am frequently stressed, running on adrenaline and short tempered.

6. I have not yet made the authentic choice to be fully alive (present?) for the rest of my life.

7. I have unresolved emotional issues.

8. I have compulsive behavior (smoking, drinking, drugs, eating, shopping, etc)

9. I have financial problems.

10. I am missing empowering relationships in my life.

11. I have low energy.

12. I often feel not as good as others.

13. I feel unloved or lonely.

14. I feel stuck in my situation.

15. My physical environments are in total disarray (home, office, school, car).

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