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Creating With No Effort

by Lorna Levy

This article was written a few years ago, very quickly in response to an Internet question:

>>Vance wrote: If there are folks out there who have received without doing something to contribute to their success It'd be great to hear their stories from absolute start to finish.

Things I’ve created with no effort, sort of in order from least significant to more so:

1. Parking spaces – I just tell myself I’ll find the perfect parking space as I get to my destination. And I do. Almost always.

2. Canceling appointments – I’ve got a thing about keeping my word; I really try to. But when I notice I have given my word to do something that I don’t want to do, I just say to myself, “She’ll call to cancel.” I’ve done this so many times that I’m absolutely sure it is not coincidence. I trust it.

3. Canceling a seminar – I was scheduled for 6 months in advance to do a seminar. The woman who arranged it would remind me every week. Then she started telling me how many people were enrolled and looking forward to it. I was dreading it, but would not cancel it. But I got real clear in my mind that I did not want to do it. She called me the week before it was to happen and said she canceled the whole thing. I was astonished – I never thought that would happen.

4. Tables in restaurants – when I’ve gone to a restaurant and there is a wait, I just get quiet and intend to be seated within 10 minutes. It has happened to me three times – once with a group of 10 and we were told the wait was 45 min.; once with a friend and the wait was expected to be an hour and a half’ and once by myself and the wait was said to be about an hour. The time I was alone, when I opened my eyes after about 5 min. of intending and knowing, the wait person was coming to get me. That gave me goosebumps, it was so fast. Each time it has been within minutes of my decision to be seated.

5. Parts for my Victorian house’s Victorian plumbing – I had a plumber who seemed to only know the phrase, “you have to replace the whole thing.” I said, “No, I’m going to find the part and replace the part”. He said, “they don’t make those anymore.” I gave a lot of thought to which store might have the part – but I did nothing. One day I got in the car to go get the part. I had decided to go to store ‘x’. I got a weird feeling. So I said to my car, (Believe me, I don’t usually talk to my car!) take me where I can get this part. I found myself turning in the opposite direction and going to another store I hadn’t thought about. I said to the guy at the counter, “I want one of these” – giving him the part. He said, “Sure, I’ll get it for you”!!! Cost me about $2. and 5 minutes.

6. Roofer – whenever I need a repair person, I tell myself I’ll find the right person to do the job. I found a roofer while I was dancing.

7. Jobs – I am a computer consultant when I work. (I love my time off and only work when I need money). My resume is on a lot of job sites. When I need a job I tell the universe I’m ready for a job and the phone starts ringing. Before that, it only rings occasionally for a job. But as soon as I intend it, the phone starts to ring with good offers.

8. Loaner car – just last week my car was being fixed by a person who works very slowly. For a week, I had a rental car. I said to myself, “This isn’t working, it is too expensive. What I need is someone to lend me their car.” The next day I mentioned my car problems to ONE person who, without being asked, said “You can use my car - I’ll be out of town”!!! So I did. I used his car for over a week and mine was done in that time.

9. Grad school – I went to an Ivy League grad school that accepted about 5% of all applicants. Yes, I put in the application. But then I saw myself there, I saw it being easy and I saw myself graduating with honors. And I was accepted, it was easy, and I did.

10. Free trips and free places to stay. One year I got 3 free trips to California. (I live on the east coast.) Another time, I decided I wanted to go to Las Vegas at minimal cost. I had the air ticket but I still needed a place to stay. Just at that time a friend called me who had been living in LA, to tell me he’d just moved to Vegas. He invited me to stay with him for two weeks and gave me full use of his car. Interestingly enough, he moved back to LA right after that, saying he did not like living in Las Vegas. It was as if the Universe brought him there just for me.

11. I’ve learned to put qualities in my aura so I can be perceived a certain way. One day I decided to be a man magnet. Three men gave me their phone numbers and asked me out within 3 or 4 hours, where before that I might meet one man in quite a few months. I did nothing except make a decision. Fun, but I haven’t done that again. And no, I didn’t go out with any of them. I’ve intended to be invisible at times, too. And no one notices me when I am. That is good for times when I might be in an unsafe neighborhood. Or when I’m speeding. (And yes, I always intend absolute safety for me and everyone around me). Fun!!

These are just the examples I could think of fairly quickly –there are many more in my life. I could easily make this list 3 times as long. My belief is when I’m in alignment with the things I want, they can’t not come. I don’t have to do anything. And when I find myself DOING too much, I know I’m not in alignment. I'm really learning how to take the emotional journey - not the action journey.

You can see I’ve created lots of everyday things and then a few bigger things. Law of Attraction is at work all the time. Using it for the small things gives us confidence when we use it for the big things. I love this stuff!