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How to Choose a Coach

Since there is no qualifying board, no recognized degree, and no certification requirements how do you know who is qualified? By what criteria do you judge? How do you choose a coach? If these questions are in your mind, here are some things you might consider:

  •  Does the person live it, practice it daily? Do they walk their talk? (See How I Live LOA )

  • How broad is their background in spiritual understanding and Deliberate Creation? Have they had one teacher or many? Do they follow a particular guru or school of thought? How deeply do they understand the principles – or do they just ‘parrot’ another teacher’s ideas? (See Vitae )

  • What are their academic and professional accomplishments? While these may not be directly related to the subject of Deliberate Creation they can indicate the person’s experience level and whether or not they conduct themselves professionally. ( See Bio In Brief) )

  • Have they had training in training? Knowledge of a subject does not always make a good teacher. Have they had coach training – can they effectively teach, coach and mentor? How well do they listen? Or do they just want to hear themselves talk? ( See Bio In Brief) )

  • Do you feel rapport with them? Do you resonate with them? Are you comfortable with them? Are they non-dogmatic, compassionate, and easy to talk to? Do you trust them? Do they offer a free get-to-know-you session? (See Services )

  • Are they generous with their time and with information? Do they offer a web site or free information? Do they publish or write in their field? (See Free Stuff)



    "I realize "intending" is sort of taking action, but I love how you describe the
    effortless *feeling* of it, and the clarity, and your *knowing.*"