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Law of attraction lesson: Cellphones, Landlines and Craziness
(These are not the kinds of lessons you want to learn)

by Lorna Levy


My telephone doesn’t work. And I don’t have a cell phone. I just canceled my cell contract. The problems with my home phone have been intermittent since November. It is now March. There has been a lot of finger pointing between my provider and Verizon, who owns the wires, and me. My provider says it is
Verizon’s problem, Verizon says it is my equipment, I say I’ve changed my phones and all the wires five times now so it’s not the equipment, and we go round and round. It’s a big mess. And my phone doesn’t work and now my DSL doesn’t work

From a law of attraction standpoint, I have to ask myself why or how I’m attracting this. I surely don’t want it. But what is my vibe about this? Well, having been thru this before, I think my phone company is inept. I think the process of me telling them the problem and them telling Verizon and then waiting 2 days for the wrong person to come out and going thru the process again and
again is tedious and ineffective. I dread this and wonder how long will it be, if ever, before it gets fixed. That’s not a vibe that is likely to get me what I want.

From a new age philosophy point of view, I have to ask myself where am I not communicating freely, where am I not speaking up, where am I stopping or cutting off communication. I hate these kinds of questions because I find them circular and meaningless.

But, in looking at my ‘stuff’ I can see: I am cutting off communication with an old boyfriend; I don’t plan to change that. I wanted to ask a new man I’m seeing a question that I thought might be embarrassing to him – so I didn’t. I wouldn’t change that – I am considering his feelings about the matter. I am
procrastinating in getting my newsletter out on a regular basis. I know this – it’s been months now that I’ve hesitated. Should that cause my phone to go off??

OK, so that approach doesn’t work for me. Where has this happened before in my life? It seems to happen each time I get a new job. I’m anxious to be on time, to be perceived as a diligent worker and a valuable addition to the team – and suddenly, I’m spending hours on the phone to customer service and taking time off to wait for the phone company. OK, that resonates with me. Abraham says your vibe about a subject is always right where you left it. That means your last thoughts or experiences with something will reproduce themselves if you are not
paying attention to your thoughts and leaving them on a vibe you’d prefer to repeat.

Where else have I had these feelings? Even though I work with technology, I don’t like it. I’m always vaguely annoyed by it. I think it has been made overly complex. It frustrates me that no ordinary individual can fix it – that you always need tech support. Some of this has been coming up for me because I’ve
been shopping for a new cell phone. I know the features I want. Yet, I find phones that do 3 out of the 4 things; each of them doing a different combination of the 3 things. I ask questions and if I ask the SAME question of different people, I get different answers. Not qualitative answers; I’m getting definite ‘yes, it will’ or from a different person, a definite ‘no, it won’t’ to the same

Last night, when I came home my home phone was supposedly fixed (but wasn’t). I had decided on a cell, researched it, gone to their website and looked at their ‘store locator’, gone to three different stores and two said they don’t carry that brand, and one said they carry the brand, but not the specific phone I want. Massive frustration!!

My cell phone frustrations are carrying over to my home phone. My thoughts and feelings about the needless complexity of technology are outpicturing in my experience. Yuck! My vibe – my thoughts and beliefs – about this are exactly where I left them last time this happened. What should I do to get my phone
working and to keep this from happening again?

I can move myself up the emotional scale from where I am to where I want to be. Up to where I’m feeling it as if it is done. I do this by finding a sequence of thoughts that feel better, bit by bit.

I can do gratitude: I can be grateful for all the wonderful technology that is immediately at my finger tips – including the computer that lets me write this to all of you. I can be grateful that technology is cheap and repairs are free.

I can be allowing: I can remind myself that the tech support people are well meaning and working hard to figure this out.

I can let it be OK as it is – not pushing against a situation I don’t want: The world really won’t come to an end if I don’t have a phone for a few days. Lots of people around me have phones if I should need one. Not talking to my man for a day won’t kill me – he knows the phone is broke. And getting off the Internet
for a while is actually a good thing – it gave me some motivation to read some old mail I left lying around.

I can soothe myself: I work for an easy going company. It is OK if I take a half day off to wait for the phone company. I can afford to miss the pay. I can easily reschedule the people I need to see that morning. The only person stressing is me. I’ll stop.

I can raise my vibe: I can remind myself how much I like the ease and freedom of making a call anytime I want, I can remember how much I actually love the freedom technology gives me. I can remember how I can act on impulse with technology and I can be more creative and spontaneous. I can appreciate my DSL and my internet connection and how I can have friends all over the world who share my interests all because of the tech heads who invented this and keep it working. I can remind myself how technology makes it easier to write and I love to write. I can remind myself that my jobs have never minded the time off I’ve
taken. I can remind myself that I consistently create good jobs for myself and that freedom is one of my major values.

Communication – good communication is another one of my major values and I just love the flow of ideas and the connections made and the realizations that happen when communication is flowing. I love that and when that is really happening, it feels like the flow of Spirit through me and through the one I’m talking to, connecting us in some magical, unifying way. That’s good. When I think of communication, I think of the man I’m seeing and how well he listens, and how much I like his laughter, and that I
feel I can talk to him about anything and how I love the sound of his voice, and I think of how much I trust what he says. He tells the truth and he keeps his word. I adore that. And I feel good knowing that. I love good communication. I like the feeling and the flow of communicating my essence and sharing another’s
essence. I love reliability and ease.

And now, I feel sure that my phone will be fixed soon, and right. In the meantime, I have found a store that sells the cell phone I want, so I’m going to get one right now.

And so it is.