- - Awakening You to Your Spiritual Power!   
Awakening You to Your Spiritual Power!      




How We're Different

.  .   . from other law of attraction sites:

  •  We give you info for your right brain – the intuitive side of you and for your left brain – the part that wants to understand how it all works

  •  We specialize in helping those who are “stuck” in making law of attraction work for them

  •  We give you lots of free stuff to help you stay in alignment with your desires

  •  Lorna, the Law of Attraction Teacher, has over 20 years of experience and results with law of attraction. She is a licensed spiritual practitioner and has been teaching this many years before The Secret.

  •  We combine ancient wisdom with modern science, showing you the continuing thread of law of attraction

  •  We offer a membership program for deepening your allowing of your desires    

  •  Lorna is accessible to her students and always there to offer support and to answer questions

  •  We  never do a hard sell – either you resonate with us, or you don’t. Either way, is fine.          


Fact: You can’t learn law of attraction from one 90 minute movie. Even if you watch it over and over, the details and nuances have been left out.

Fact: You can’t undo years of cultural conditioning by thinking a few happy thoughts.

Fact: You can’t gain mastery of a skill by attending a few workshops or reading a few books.

You need immersion, you need understanding and you need support.

It is all here.